Our Position on New York’s Abortion Bill

Our Mission:

Christian Healthcare Centers exists to provide exceptional medical services to the Body of Christ and community, guided by biblical values.

What does this mean in light of recent state actions to enact laws allowing abortions to be performed at any time during pregnancy, including moments before the baby is born?

CHC as an organization, which includes Board of Directors and all medical and administrative staff, affirm in writing each year a set of values that includes this statement:

All CHC personnel affirm the value of human life throughout the human life continuum and will not facilitate abortion nor prescribe abortifacient devices or medications.

We recognize that living in a fallen, imperfect world, tragic circumstances develop that challenge this core value. Unborn babies can develop or come into the world with conditions that remind us the world is not the way it was created to be. Children can be born with severe, life-long disabilities that require substantial resources from family and society, tempting some to even question the value of that child’s life. Children can be conceived in circumstances involving coercion and violence. Some of the loudest voices supporting abortion rights cite tragic hard cases as justification for abortion being legal for any reason throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. We find this all or nothing ideology to lack the compassion we should expect of a moral society that claims to value every human life. It lacks compassion for both the unborn child and the mother, despite the deceitful rhetoric suggesting that the child is “spared the injury of continued existence,” and the claim that aborting her child spares the mother from ongoing harm to her wellbeing as she defines it.

Over the 46 years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade, we know that terminating a human life is not a solution for unborn children nor for their mothers. While we have not heard the voices of the millions of aborted unborn babies protesting their premature deaths, we have heard the voices of millions of post-abortive mothers whose lives have never been the same. Despite abortion rights groups urging women to “celebrate” their abortions, millions of women deeply regret them and they urge other women to avoid making the same regrettable decision.

Laws that permit abortion all the way up to the birth of a child directly pit the interests of the mother against her own child. Such laws also have the effect of corrupting the practice of medicine by allowing doctors to place the interests of one patient (the mother) against those of their second patient (the unborn child).

Furthermore, there is no escaping the reality that abortion is killing and cloaking it in medical verbiage by calling it “pregnancy termination,” “family planning” or “evacuation of the uterine contents” does not make it any less killing. Neither is abortion merely a medical issue to be decided by a woman in consultation with her doctor and minister (notice the father is never included in this list). Abortion is a moral issue because at its core it directly involves the question of who belongs to the human community of rights and obligations. It is not merely a question of biology. In these times of modern medical technology, we know that a woman who is pregnant is carrying another human being in her body. She is not bearing puppies. From a Christian perspective, she is participating in a divine-human cooperative called procreation whereby she and God are bringing another image bearer into the world. Abortion itself may be a medical procedure, but that which is aborted is more than a collection of cells or blob of tissue. It is incontrovertibly human life.

CHC makes no distinction between surgical abortion and abortion using medications such as RU-486 (mifepristone). When the intent is to end the life of an unborn human being, the means makes no moral difference.

As a life-affirming medical ministry, Christian Healthcare Centers is dedicated to preserving human life in every circumstance insofar as it depends on us.

CHC will provide loving, compassionate counsel and care to post-abortive women and to women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

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