MemberCare Plans For

You. Your Friends. Your Family.


(1-24 mos)






Full-Time Undergraduate College *see below *








A one-time enrollment fee of $50 for individual memberships and $75 for family memberships will be applied. Enrolling children 0-18 yrs. requires one accompanying adult membership.

*Image of current student ID must be sent to at the time of enrollment, or submitted in person to our office, before discount can be applied. *

MemberCare Benefits

One Monthly Fee

No additional out-of-pocket insurance copayments or deductibles

Patient-Focused Healthcare

Healthcare that is focused on YOU, engaging you as a whole person created in God’s image

Timely Sick Appointments

Timely access to quality primary care


Referrals to like-minded specialists, pre-negotiated discounted rates for many area specialists and ancillary services (surgery, labs, imaging, physical therapy, dental, vision, etc.)

Extended Doctor Visits

No-rush Medical visits. Telemedicine encounters at no additional costs

We Offer Services at a Lower Overall Cost than What Most People Pay with Their Traditional Insurance Deductibles.

MemberCare is the affordable membership program created for students, individuals, families, and employers. For one monthly fee, our members receive quality comprehensive healthcare services.