Why the Blockchain Will Revolutionize Healthcare

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Blockchain broke onto the world scene when Bitcoin famously made many people millionaires with its sudden jump in value. However, the popularity of blockchain is not a fluke or an accident. There are various reasons that industries everywhere are embracing its power and ability to transform their business. It stands to absolutely revolutionize healthcare as well. Here’s why:

Performance Monitoring

Applications run various lines of code at any minute. All of these coded threads need to be running in sync and not interrupting the other processes if your applications are going to run smoothly.

To ensure that your apps are acting like they need to, application performance monitoring is a key asset that blockchain can bring to the table. By seeing data in real time and fixing errors before they get larger, you protect all of your systems at once.


Aside from performance concerns of your applications, you need to watch security and how your business could be affected by it. Hackers are looking to gain data about your patients and business at every moment. It only takes one leak for them to gain entry and wreak havoc. Use blockchain to monitor your platforms and protect them against outside cyber threats.

Application Options

With greater integration, you gain options in software capability. If you run various applications they often have data that could be useful in another context. From running scans, to managing insurance, to seeing if certain drugs are covered, accessing your applications from a centralized source allows you greater insights in your business metrics.

Efficiency and Cost

The faster you can complete one action in your healthcare organization, the sooner you can move on the next one. This enables efficiency that saves you on man hours, application costs, and time overall. However, without blockchain, you can’t leverage open source software that is completely customizable to your specific needs. Being able to adjust settings, send information in better ways, and analyze it according to your projections allows you to send this to decision-makers and stakeholders in key areas of your company so they can lead you into the next opportunity.

The healthcare industry has a lot of complex issues to deal with on a daily basis. Using the up and coming technologies available will help healthcare companies advance their bottom line and enjoy better service offerings, security, and efficiency. Don’t miss out on the benefits of blockchain. Instead, review the points above to help take your organization to the next level.

There’s a lot more to healthcare than just treating symptoms. If you are looking for Christian-centered treatment, with people who truly care about you, look no further.


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