Why Did CHC Come Into Existence?

We created a way for doctors to practice missional medicine.

Guided By Biblical Values

Christian Healthcare Centers was created to be a Christian presence within mainstream medicine. Our mission statement officially is “Providing exceptional medical services to the Body of Christ and the community, guided by Biblical values.” Our mission statement is something that we take to heart and take very seriously. It’s something that we literally pray every morning to be able to fulfill as we care for our patients every day.

CHC focues on missional medicine.

More Frequently Asked Questions

A direct medical and financial relationship with our clients. Click here to view.

We treat anyone from infant to elderly, and anyone in between. Click here to view. 

Appointments can be seen as far as a couple of weeks to as soon as the same day. Click here to view.

Our waiting room resembles a living room because we want everyone to be comfortable. Click here to view.

Not having to deal with insurance companies, our clients can save on their medical expenses. Click here to view.

We care about your physical health and your overall well being. Click here to view.

Our faith in Christ guides our staff and practice. Click here to view.