Is MemberCare Right For You?

Frustrated with Expensive, Over-Priced, Inconvenient Healthcare?

Tired of driving all around town for basic medical services such as labs, x-rays, prescriptions?

Why Not Consider MemberCare at Christian Healthcare Centers – a single monthly fee and a one-stop location for most of your medical needs

Affordable Care –

Fees for unlimited primary care start at $30 per month – no insurance co-pays or deductibles to meet.

Timely Access –

24/7/365 access to your doctor and medical information from anywhere in the U.S. Your doctor is here when needed.

Exceptional Quality –

Experienced, board certified and well-respected practitioners in pediatrics, family medicine and internal medicine

Ample Time with Your Doctor –

30/60/90-minute office visits to ensure your needs are met

Convenience –

Timely appointments; Virtual primary care using a mobile device or computer for many common conditions; health services navigation to arrange the highest quality, least expensive care you need from specialists, surgeons, dentists, physical therapists, optometrists, chiropractors, etc. We work the phones, so you don’t have to.

Personalized Care –

With in-office counseling, wellness coaching and exceptional medical services, we care for the whole you to keep you at your best

And more . . . .

Stop in for a tour of our office at 3322 Beltline Court NE Grand Rapids, MI or click here for more information

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