Healthy Tomorrow is a Collaborative Medical Services Project Involving West Michigan Pregnancy Centers and Christian Healthcare Centers

to Provide Maternity, Well-Womaned and Well-Child Medical Services to Abortion-Vulnerable Women and their Babies.

Sometimes pregnancy can come at a difficult time in a woman’s life. Our culture makes it too easy for abortion to end up at the top of her options as numerous voices in society encourage that decision.

As effective as pregnancy care centers have been, there is a way to make them more impactful…add convenient, quality, affordable and life-affirming medical care, for the mother and her baby through Healthy Tomorrows.

What Your Support Does

Save Babies

Helping mom’s choose life instead of abortion!

Helps Moms

Providing medical care and attention pre-birth through postpartum

Support PCS

Working with Pregnancy Care Centers to expand reach and impact.


Defund Planned Parenthood the original way. Take their clients.

The Healthy Tomorrows:
Revisioning Pregnancy Care Ministry


Reduce abortions by partnering with pregnancy care centers to provide
medical services to abortion vulnerable women.

  1. Reduce the number of abortions
  2. Reduce the incidence of post-abortion trauma for women and men
  3. Improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of women and their children
  4. Enhance the effectiveness of pregnancy care centers within their communities
Medical Services Provided
  • Preventative primary care services
  • Prenatal, labor and delivery, post-partum care
  • Women’s Health – gynecological health, procedures and surgeries
  • Well-Woman Care – ongoing primary care, counseling
  • Well-Child Care – ongoing pediatric care
Why is Healthy Tomorrows needed?
Since pregnancy care ministry began the abortion issue has changed. Surgical abortion has declined while medication abortion has increased substantially. An abortion vulnerable pregnant woman is not easily drawn to a pregnancy center that only offers pregnancy confirmation by pregnancy test and/or ultrasound. She will need medical care, and the question to be answered is whether that medical care will be life-affirming or life-denying. Whatever she decides about her pregnancy, it will be life changing. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest (mother, baby and society) that she be given every reason to choose life. An essential, strategic next step to fulfill the mission of pregnancy care centers requires the inclusion of life-affirming medical services that provide a scope of care beyond what currently exists in most centers.
Who is abortion vulnerable?

Any young woman exposed to the anti-life, anti-child influences in American culture is vulnerable to abortion if an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy occurs.

How does Healthy Tomorrows interface with Pregnancy Care ministry?

Healthy Tomorrows functions in conjunction with Christian Healthcare Centers as a woman’s medical home. Many pregnancy centers have a desire to offer expanded medical services but lack the resources and personnel to do so. Since most centers depend on volunteers, just sustaining existing programs is enough of a challenge.


Healthy Tomorrows is a collaborative program between Christian Healthcare Centers (CHC) and pregnancy centers, with medical services provided by CHC. Services are provided to PCC clients at no charge. CHC physicians and nurse practitioners provide the medical care, some of which may be delivered at the pregnancy care center while other services are provided at a CHC clinic located in their community.

How is Healthy Tomorrows Funded?

Healthy Tomorrows is funded by a combination of grants, contributions and fees
generated from other CHC services. For example, when a person joins CHC as a
patient, a portion of their membership fee supports the Healthy Tomorrows program.
Unlike traditional health insurance, CHC members can use some of their healthcare spending to secure exceptional medical care for themselves AND support similar care
for the clients of pregnancy care centers. It is a win-win model of service. CHC receives
no reimbursements from insurance and no funds from government entities.