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Four Months In

Christian Healthcare Centers has been in operation four months, which is enough time to see if the reality comes close to the dream. Although there have been a few glitches in technology, workflow and protocol, we are delivering what we advertise. Nearly 600 patients have entrusted their care to CHC, and more are joining every day.

We promised to provide affordable healthcare services.

We promised to reduce healthcare expenses for members.

We are making good on those promises.


We save our members a lot of money.

Hundreds, and even thousands of dollars are being saved.

Get this:

A routine blood panel typically bills out at over $250. Since we secure it for so much less, we include the cost in our MemberCare fee. Because our doctors do not over-test, over-diagnose, over-prescribe or and over-treat, members save money and reap the benefits. Our members save money on doctor visits, lab work, x-rays, simple procedures like mole removal and many common medications because they receive all of these services for one low monthly fee. Referrals at discounted rates to specialists, imaging services and other medical providers save even more! We also help members find affordable alternatives to traditional medical insurance that satisfies the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

We offer services that are convenient.

Many of our members were walk-in patients with an urgent care situation, needing to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Within minutes, they filled out the enrollment paperwork and received care on the spot. Others have utilized the telemedicine and virtual visits we advertise, receiving medical counsel and care without leaving their home or office at no additional charge. Do you know of any other doctor’s office that does this?

We offer personalized healthcare.

To be distinctively Christian and caring for the WHOLE person is engrained in our DNA. Judging by the comments, letters, reviews and the people referred to us by our members, we are delivering on this commitment. We give our members the most precious of all commodities: time.

Our doctors spend the amount of time needed by each patient, learning about their needs, their aspirations, their family and their relationship with Christ. According to our members, CHC providers have:

  • Prevented suicides
  • Helped married couples improve their marriage
  • Given hope to those experiencing depression
  • Helped young men overcome involvement with pornography
  • Restored a sense of ministry purpose for pastors
  • And more!

Our desire to restore the soul of medicine comes through by the manner in which our doctors, nurses and counselor interact with each patient. From check in to check out, we strive to treat each member with respect and dignity.

We are generosity-driven.

A stewardship model of ministry where financial resources are devoted to providing exceptional medical services. This has been one of the most challenging aspects of launching the ministry. Since we are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, we do not have investors or bank loans to support us while the membership builds. Through the generosity of God’s people, we secured the facilities, equipment, furnishings and supplies that make it possible for CHC to operate. I wish I could say our income matches our expenses. To this point, it hasn’t. Membership fees currently fund our non-payroll expenses. As membership grows, income from those fees will cover a larger and larger portion of our monthly budget, until we reach the point where membership fees cover all of our expenses. We anticipate reaching our “break even” point in mid-2018. In the meantime, charitable contributions and voluntary payless paydays make up the difference. If God moves you support CHC during this start-up phase of our history, we will be grateful.

Exciting things are happening at CHC

And more is coming! Beginning in November, we add a part-time General Surgeon to our clinical team. Dr. Ted VanderKooi will provide surgical consultations and perform a number of in-office procedures at the Center. He will also perform substantially discounted outpatient surgeries at an area surgical center to help people save a lot of money. Dr. VanderKooi has been a general surgeon for 18 years and is very well respected by his former patients and medical colleagues. We are excited to offer this additional service to our members and the community.

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