Healthcare Reform and Grandma’s Breakfast Hash

Efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare remind me of the hash my grandmother used to serve for breakfast when I stayed overnight. It was awful. I never really knew what was in it, but I knew I was not going to like it. Grandma’s hash is what I think of when I listen to the healthcare reform news out of Washington. You don’t know what is in the legislation, but you know you are not going to like it.

Congress seems locked in a death struggle over how healthcare funding works; who wins and who loses. Have we heard anything about how to improve the quality of the healthcare people need? No! Where are the people talking about reducing the rising out-of-pocket costs that cause insured people to delay the cheaper primary medical care that would keep them out of the hospital? Nowhere!

There are reasons urgent care clinics are popping up like mushrooms. One major reason is because it takes many people too long to get into their own doctor’s office when they get sick. Urgent care centers exist because sick, insured people filled up emergency rooms and the urgent care clinic costs less – but not by much! Anyone who has ever had a hurt or sick kid while on vacation probably knows that urgent care centers are cheaper than emergency rooms, but that is like saying a four-star hotel is cheaper than a five star one. Both are more expensive than the average person wants to pay.

Whether Obamacare remains or is repealed, the healthcare system will continue to look like my grandmother’s hash. You can’t just throw stuff into a fry pan and assume it will taste good. Neither can you push an entire country into a broken healthcare system and assume the quality of care will improve.

Amazon, Uber and Netflix disrupted their industries by radically changing how important products and services are delivered. When Amazon started, few people shopped online. When Uber launched, traditional cab companies had monopolies in all of the major cities. Netflix saw the future of viewers transitioning to video streaming. Christian Healthcare Centers is determined to disrupt the delivery of healthcare. Simple. Affordable. Timely. Personal. Most importantly, it contains none of the “hash” found in virtually every other medical practice. Unlike grandma’s hash, many people have already tried our brand of healthcare and love it. We think you will too. Check us out at and give us a call at (616) 226-2669.

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