Do I have to become a CHC member to enter into care with the CHC gynecologist?

No. Non-CHC members may schedule appointments based on availability.

Is there a fee for non-members to be seen by the CHC gynecologist?

Yes. You will be informed of the fee amount when you schedule your appointment.

If I receive a well-woman exam and pap as a non-member, but following this I decide to become a member, will the fee for the initial well-woman visit be applied to the annual MemberCare fee?


If I am a current CHC member and have a woman’s health concern, is this a “covered” benefit under my regular MemberCare membership?

CHC MemberCare is for primary care needs whereas gynecological care is specialized. If you have a woman’s health concern and need a visit with the gynecologist to determine if specialized treatment is needed, the initial consultation will be considered a “covered” benefit of MemberCare and there will not be a fee assessed for it. You will be made aware of out-of-pocket costs for any additional testing or treatment prior to receiving those services.

Is an annual Well Woman Exam and Pap considered part of MemberCare?


What if my Pap returns abnormal and a biopsy or surgical procedure is required? Is this part of MemberCare?

No. MemberCare includes annual Well Woman Exams and the cost of the pap but not the cost of additional treatment. You will be made aware of out-of-pocket costs for any additional testing or treatment.

Does the CHC gynecologist perform gynecological procedures and surgeries?

Yes. A list of procedures/ surgeries and the doctor’s fees is available from the CHC office.

Does CHC MemberCare cover fees if I am referred to a specialist outside of CHC?

No. Fees for services provided, prescribed or ordered by non-CHC personnel are not included in CHC MemberCare. We will make every effort to inform you about fees associated with referrals.

If I am scheduled for a procedure or surgery, when is payment due?

Payment for the CHC doctor’s portion of the procedure/surgery is due on or before the day the procedure/surgery is to be performed.

Can I pay for gynecology fees with HSA, HRA or FLEX spending accounts?

Yes. The IRS considers the fees for gynecological services a qualified medical expense.

Will CHC bill my insurance for gynecological services?

No. CHC will provide a detailed, coded invoice that you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

If I belong to a cost-sharing ministry, will CHC work with them for payment?


Are non-obstetrical ultrasounds included in MemberCare?

No. A modest fee is assessed, and you will be informed of the cost prior to scheduling or receiving the ultrasound.