Frequently Asked Questions

About Our OB/GYN

No. Although these services are available in the CHC office, they are specialty medical services accessed by referral, like any other specialist to whom we refer patients.

The concern may be addressed by one of our family physicians but if it requires referral to our OB/GYN, there is a discounted fee for those needs.

If the exam is performed by a CHC Family Medicine clinician, the exam is included but the cost of the Pap is not. You will be informed of the cost for the Pap when you schedule your Well Woman appointment.

No. Biopsies or surgery require referral to a specialist, which can be accessed through Christian Healthcare Specialists, who will inform you regarding appointments and fees.

No. MemberCare fees are for services provided by CHC clinicians.

No. There is a nominal fee assessed for ultrasounds. You will be informed about the fees prior to receiving an ultrasound.

Where can I find more information about OB/GYN services?

A full list of OB/GYN services is available at