How a Career in Healthcare Serves God

If you are a person of faith, then you are probably seeking a vocation that can bring fulfillment to your life. However, in today’s world, this can be a challenge. There are so many avenues that could lead you astray. However, when it comes to healthcare, it cannot just bring you joy, but also serve God. Here is how:


God loves those who heal. Just look at Jesus’ example. Healing is a holy endeavor. If you are a professional healer, you will find a lot more meaning in your career as well as in your personal life. It’s a bonus that you get to feel good about yourself at the end of the day as well.



If you want to honor God by helping others, then look no further than the healthcare industry. Every day your main job is to help someone else. They might have a broken bone, a fever, or something worse. But by serving others you are truly serving others and showing your worth as a fellow child of God.



There is nothing God loves more than people who sacrifice for others in an act of love. If you are a healthcare worker, you are giving your time and energy in the hopes to heal others. This is putting them before you and thus more god-like than other professions.



Compassion is an important part of any life path. Looking at a Christian hospital for qualified doctors or medical assistants is something many recruiters do, because they offer another level of care for patients under them. It’s no surprise then why a career in healthcare can meet your personal needs while also serving others.

Having compassion is not easy, but it is a vital component of healthcare. You might not agree with one of your patient’s life choices or their political beliefs, but it is still your duty to serve them at the highest level. This kind of philosophy will help you when it comes to all other aspects of your life.


When it comes to choosing a career, you should always go for something that you truly feel you can perform well. Of course, beyond that, you need something that is fulfilling. For many people this is a career that brings you closer to God. So consider healthcare next time you are making a career choice. It could be the vehicle that changes everything for you and helps you with your faithful life.