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Protecting Doctors’ Conscience

A long-standing ethic in healthcare is that doctors and nurses reserve the right to not participate in or facilitate abortions. Nonetheless, in recent years some influential voices in healthcare have called for an end to conscience protections. These efforts converge with the current political atmosphere that finds pro-abortion and pro-life state legislatures and governors determined […]

Our Position on New York’s Abortion Bill

Our Mission: Christian Healthcare Centers exists to provide exceptional medical services to the Body of Christ and community, guided by biblical values. What does this mean in light of recent state actions to enact laws allowing abortions to be performed at any time during pregnancy, including moments before the baby is born? CHC as an […]

House Plant Appreciation Day

If House Plant Appreciation Day isn’t on your calendar…it should be.  House plants do a lot to keep our homes healthier and more enjoyable to live in.  Here is just a small list of the BIG things that house plants do for us.  Now…go put this holiday in your calendar, share it with a friend, […]

Caring is the Emphasis of MemberCare

If you watch television or listen to radio, you know it is open enrollment season for health insurance. All the ads for health plans talk about coverage. Let’s be clear: coverage is a card in your wallet. Healthcare is access to a doctor when you need one. When someone enrolls with CHC, what do they […]

Is MemberCare Right For You?

Frustrated with Expensive, Over-Priced, Inconvenient Healthcare? Tired of driving all around town for basic medical services such as labs, x-rays, prescriptions? Why Not Consider MemberCare at Christian Healthcare Centers – a single monthly fee and a one-stop location for most of your medical needs Affordable Care – Fees for unlimited primary care start at $30 […]

The End of Individual Insurance Mandate. Now What?

Beginning on January 1, 2019, individuals will no longer have to prove they have a health plan that is acceptable to the federal government. That will be a good day for personal freedom! However, not being required to carry health insurance does not mean it is wise to go without a health plan. If you […]

Health Services Navigation

One of the questions people typically have is what we do if a member of CHC needs a referral to a specialist, diagnostic imaging or surgery. What happens: Our staff can connect members with trusted medical providers for virtually any need they have that exceeds CHC’s scope of service. Our goal is to help our […]

The Economic Value of MemberCare

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, “Does a CHC membership save me money on medical expenses?” Since Christian Healthcare Centers is based on a stewardship model of healthcare delivery, it is a fair question. Everyone wants value for the money they spend. Below is a chart showing the most common medical […]

Journey Through the Heart

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, Christian Healthcare Centers had the privilege of sharing the intricacies and beauty of the heart with over 400 friends and family members.  It was a day full of fun and learning and we thank all those who joined us for the journey.  As a quick recap: Dr. Becca Huizen taught […]

God is in Control

As Christian Healthcare Centers reaches 1,000 members, a milestone in our journey, we have taken some time to reflect on the past seven months of open doors to the community.  Every single month has clearly been a gift from God and He has continually provided in just the right timing. God has shown His provision […]