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Reasons You Might Want To Visit Your Gynecologist

As part of keeping yourself healthy, you must also consider your feminine health. Seeing your gynecologist on a regular basis can allow you to deal with any concerns before they become serious issues. Not all doctors understand the delicate system of a woman, which is why it’s necessary to take your worries to someone who […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is in full swing. Every day, 115 Americans die of an overdose, and the economic burden costs Americans $78.5 billion every year in areas like lost productivity, healthcare, and criminal justice involvement. When used as intended, opioids prove very helpful in pain relief. Pharmaceutical companies of the 1990’s reassured consumers they wouldn’t […]

Why the Blockchain Will Revolutionize Healthcare

Blockchain broke onto the world scene when Bitcoin famously made many people millionaires with its sudden jump in value. However, the popularity of blockchain is not a fluke or an accident. There are various reasons that industries everywhere are embracing its power and ability to transform their business. It stands to absolutely revolutionize healthcare as […]

How to Pick a Healthcare Provider that Cares

Choosing a healthcare provider from a directory is simple, especially if your main criteria is that their office is within a few miles driving distance of your home. Determining if they’re compassionate is not something you can find out easily, unfortunately. Having a caring provider, however, is important and can’t be understated. Make sure your […]

Health Aches and Pains Not to Ignore

The human body is an interesting vessel. One of the things the body is good at is letting you know when there is a problem somewhere. The most common way that the body gives you this message is through the use of pain. Ignoring certain types of pain can leave you miserable and may lead […]

Ancient Oils – Contemporary Benefits

Essential oils are taking the world by storm, as a lot of people are using to improve their mood, their health, and their homes. But did you know that essential oils have a Christian history? Most Christians would recognize two essential oils: frankincense and myrrh. There are lots of different references to various essential oils […]

What to Do if You Suspect an Overdose

Substance abuse is rampant in developed nations as well as developing nations. Ongoing addiction can be devastating, and recovery can be a daunting and discouraging process. But I want to start this article on a hopeful note. According to Safe Harbor, “There’s a long process to recovery, and it begins with admission.” This is consistent […]

You’re Back from the Hospital — Now What?

If you are dealing with a lot of medical bills, such as if you have recently been involved in a car accident, then you could be worried about how you are going to handle them all. Navigating your healthcare-related bills can be very challenging, but if you follow these tips, you can make it a […]

4 Steps to Take Before Starting a Weight Loss Program

If you’re like most people, you’re probably not really sure when you began gaining weight. One day you were a normal weight with a healthy body. The next day, you were overweight, tired, and oftentimes, sick. If this description fits you, take heart. A diet change can help you lose the extra pounds and return […]

5 Quick Ways to Take Better Care of Your Body

Who doesn’t want to get healthier these days? Fortunately, even small adjustments to your daily routine can create big results over time. Whether your goal is weight loss, improving muscle tone, heart health, or better performance at the gym, all it takes is one small step to get started. Smartphone applications make it especially easy […]