The Economic Value of MemberCare

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is,

“Does a CHC membership save me money on medical expenses?”

Since Christian Healthcare Centers is based on a stewardship model of healthcare delivery, it is a fair question. Everyone wants value for the money they spend. Below is a chart showing the most common medical needs we treat and their average cost if paid out-of-pocket by someone without insurance. All pricing is based on published Blue Cross/Blue Shield fee schedules.

Need/Complaint Average Cash Price Outside of CHC MemberCare Price Savings to Member
Annual adult exam $200-500  w/ECG Included $200 – 500
Basic Blood panel for annual exam $260 Included $260
Adult sick visit $150 Included $150
Well child visit $160 Included $160
Strep $200 Included $200
Minor laceration w/sutures $300 Included $300
Suspected pneumonia exam w/ x-ray $300 Included $300
Child/adult limb x-ray $180 Included $180
Pink eye, rash, impetigo $150 Included $150
Urinary tract infection $125 Included $150
Ear wax removal $40 Included $40
Mole removal $100-500 Included $100-500
Nebulizer treatment $60 Included $60
Counseling session $75-100/hr Included $75-100

In 2016, the JPMorgan Chase Institute conducted a study of 2.3 million customers to determine the impact of out-of-pocket medical expenses on individual credit card debt and credit scores. The study’s authors wrote, “Out-of-pocket health care spending has a meaningful impact on families’ financial lives and their ability to access credit.”  The number one reason for personal bankruptcy is medical expense, and almost 50% of American households carry credit card debt from out-of-pocket medical expenses. Only 17% of households had no out-of-pocket medical expenses. The study also found that the cost of healthcare was the number one reason families delayed seeking timely preventative, acute and urgent care from a primary care physician, resulting in significantly higher costs later when more urgent or emergency care was required.

Since opening our doors in July 2017, Christian Healthcare Centers saved CHC members over $240,000 on medical services that will not end up on credit cards.

This dollar figure does not include savings on medications, x-rays, immunizations, or pre-negotiated discounts on screenings, specialists or surgery. In other words, CHC members receive significant financial savings.

For example, the annual cost of an adult CHC membership is $960 or $80 per month. According to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the cash cost of an annual exam that includes an ECG and routine blood work for an uninsured male is $550 and $600 for an uninsured adult female, which includes a Pap smear. These services are included with CHC MemberCare. Annual exams for a family of four (two adults/ two children) would be worth $1520 if they paid the cash price out-of-pocket. Since an annual family CHC membership costs $2160, this leaves $640 to cover any other services CHC provides to the family for the remainder of the year.

Based on current utilization rates, the average CHC member saves $450 in medical costs per year beyond their membership fee. For children, the savings is much higher since the cost of a child’s membership is $120 per year. Where else can parents secure unlimited pediatric care for $120 a year? Where else can you secure unlimited primary care for the cost of a cell phone bill?

If you agree with us that CHC MemberCare is a good financial investment, tell your family and friends. We would love to save them money too.    

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