Journey Through the Heart

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, Christian Healthcare Centers had the privilege of sharing the intricacies and beauty of the heart with over 400 friends and family members.  It was a day full of fun and learning and we thank all those who joined us for the journey.  As a quick recap:

Dr. Becca Huizen taught about blood cells, the heart’s functions and how oxygen is transported throughout the body. Dr. Jeffery Woo and Lauren displayed a cow’s heart and a pig’s heart and lungs for students to examine and explore.     Alex Corcoran, PA-C and Brianna discussed the electrical movements of the heart and gave students explanations on how x-rays, ultrasounds and EKGs are helpful in making a diagnoses for the heart.  Jody, Courtney and Marisa taught students the importance of monitoring blood pressures and gave opportunity to count the pulse, check blood pressures and even see how much oxygen is in the blood.   Lisa Bowman, counselor and Judy led the discussion about the importance of being spiritually healthy.

Enjoy the video!  And as you watch remember all you learned and keep making healthy choices so that you can be both spiritually and physically healthy.

– Your Friends at CHC


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