Jumping Into the New Year

Even though each day is a new day, there is a heightened sense of potential for renewal and revival with the start of a new year. It provides a particular kind of “clean slate” mentality that allows us to feel encouraged to do better and keep our eye on the prize – whatever we think that prize may be.

Weekly Reminders of God’s Goodness
Christian Healthcare Centers wants to encourage and enable individuals who are striving to keep their eyes focused on the greatest prize, a rich relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. To remind and encourage you in this effort, CHC is launching a devotional series on our blog. Weekly devotions and reminders of God’s goodness will come to you every Monday morning. We want to see a spiritually healthy community who actively loves and lives God’s Word. The first quarter of 2018 will be focused on God’s provision and protection.

Other CHC Opportunities for Growth & Renewal
To help you keep your eye on the prize and grow throughout the new year, consider participating in some or all of the following:
· CHC Wellness Club – meets the first Wednesday each month, is free, offers accountability and encouragement
· CHC Education – There are at least two opportunities each month to learn about health issues and wellness (check out your CHC calendars or visit our web page at chcenters.org )
· CHC Medical Ethics – Last Thursday of each month – these are hot topics in the medical community and in the church. Join us to learn and be able to engage in the conversation with facts and greater insight
· CHC Partner Prayer – These happen once a quarter and you are invited to join us for a time of prayer and reflection
· Newsletters – CHC monthly newsletters come to your email at the beginning of each month. Each issue is packed with upcoming events, helpful tips, notes from doctors and our CEO, and more

A New Year of Provision and Protection:
Every year has its ups and downs. Today, take time to reflect on the past year and remember God’s guidance through it all. Be thankful for continued life and for the relationship you have with the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember the Truth found in the Gospel of John chapter 15, verse 5; Without Jesus we would have no hope, no relationship with God, and no life.

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