Health and Wellness

Health and wellness – two pretty general terms that are often thrown around in healthcare literature. However, these two terms are also pretty important for a good understanding of the healthcare system. For example, being “healthy” can be defined by quantitative values like good cholesterol and good blood pressure. For many Americans, it is easiest to achieve this goal by using medications to manage symptoms instead of changing lifestyle. And why not? It’s easy to add another pill to the morning regimen, and most are covered by insurance! “Where is the problem?” you might ask. The problem is that healthcare has become focused on values, statistics, and symptom management instead of the wellness of the person in the office. Yearly physicals and check-ups have turned into a balancing act of prescription strength, interaction, and cost. Additionally, most doctors are seeing incredibly high patient volumes in a very limited time, preventing discussions around lifestyle change and well lifestyle.

Health and wellness is individual, and involves so much more than physical health and symptom management. True wellness must also consider spiritual, emotional and mental health. In the same way that poor lifestyle choices, like smoking or eating pizza for every meal, can negatively affect physical health, daily stress, spiritual disconnection, and negative emotional environments can wreak havoc on the body. Here at Christian Healthcare Centers, we intend to address these issues. Our providers believe that managing symptoms is an important piece of healthcare, but true wellness care should also optimize a person’s body, soul, and spirit. Our hope is that the world will see how we care for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also learn an improved healthcare model.

– Dr. Ryan Burkhart, D.C.

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