Modern Medicine

What characteristics do you want in your healthcare providers?

Compassion? Integrity? Intelligence?   The modern healthcare industry has placed tremendous burdens on our current generation of physicians and mid-level providers. Financial pressures influence our clinicians’ medical decision-making as much as their values and ethics. Technology makes data so accessible that clinicians struggle to manage the volume of information and determine if (and when) clinicians should obtain those data. Politics and special interests manipulate the purpose and objectives for the services that clinicians provide.

With all of these daunting forces altering the current healthcare industry, how do our healthcare providers retain the attributes we have traditionally expected?

The executive team for Christian Healthcare Centers (CHC) has spent the last 5 years developing a clinical model that emphasizes “quality” as defined by our patients and Christ. Most healthcare providers want to provide compassionate, thoughtful, high-quality care. But, the forces listed above apply such pressure upon their time and priorities that

the industry has become less concerned about patient care and more focused on disease management.

“Patient care” focuses on the patient’s needs and concerns in the context of medicine. “Disease management” focuses on the protocols and algorithms of diagnosis and management of disease states. “Quality care” should be the synergy of both. We all want optimal health, but the manner in which care is delivered is as important as the outcomes. Personal mission determines how much “care” a clinician invests in the patient during disease management.

Christian Healthcare Centers isn’t defined by what we resist: abortion, physician-assisted suicide, conversion therapy to reinforce adolescent homosexuality.

We are defined by what we affirm: commitment to life, biblical values, community stewardship. Our commitment to God dictates that the quality of our stewardship (i.e. disease management) be worthy of His praise. Our purpose as Christians dictates that the manner in which we provide our stewardship (i.e. patient care) be provided with loving compassion.

CHC is committed to high-quality Christian care. All of our patients chose to join this community because they recognize the need for better care than what the current healthcare model provides. Similarly, all of our clinicians joined the CHC care team because they wanted to be missional with their patient care.

We are committed to practicing medicine as God intended: with compassion, integrity, and intelligence. As traditional as our mission seems, modern medicine would benefit from our Christian world view. We intend to redefine the healthcare experience in our nation and are thankful and honored to have your support.


Woo, Jeffery A. MD

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